The Quick'N'Safe Chemical Protection Apron was developed by Craig Day & Delia Lennane in 2005.

As a contract sprayer and educator, Craig was looking for a more practical chemical protection suit than traditional "overalls" which, in his experience, created a barrier to those in the industry protecting their clothing from exposure to the chemicals they were using.

With his sister Delia, whose expertise lay in garment design, pattern making and garment construction, they developed an easy to don "apron" made from impermeable fabric which meets Australian Standards AS 2001.2.17-1987 (hydrostatic pressure test) and ASNZS ISO 6530-2006 (protective clothing).

Following a very well received initial production run, Quick'N'Safe has teamed up with regional NSW business Woolerina who now manage production, warehousing and logistics, of the chemical suits.

Quick'N'Safe products are MADE IN AUSTRALIA.